Tokenization of Trust Could Become a Reality

an example of web design a whole 12 years ago….
  • Article titles have evolved really really fast: looking through this list I was kind of shocked at how unappealing most titles were.
  • Engagement was WAY lower without social identities: I got the most votes on the site… with a grand total of 13 upvotes! And the stakes were high. This article led to a week long all expenses vacation to the Maldives. I came in second, since they tabulated Facebook likes manually and I had a only a couple of those. The winner had a whole 27 likes in total…
  • Climatewise, we haven’t come a long way in terms of our conversation: That is striking… Yes, climate is a widespread issue, but still remains a second page story in most publications. This is our world we are talking about here people!
Look at those huge engagement statistics!

A Transfer of Trust: An Alternative to Carbon Offsetting for Travel and Tourism

Originally Posted Sept 10, 2010

Hey 6 Senses… it would have been nice to meet back then…
Trust us, it’s good for you! — Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash



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Noan Fesnoux

Noan Fesnoux


Noan is an overall green fellow, with lots of expertise in how to best live sustainably, teach sustainability to our future generations, and love nature