How Values Help me Understand (or Cope with) My Personal Paradoxes

I am an Ed-Tech Expert who believes in low-tech learning

Is this the right way to appreciate nature?
Here is what happens when you leave a bunch of kids bored in a natural setting

I am a Blockchain Geek who owns Zero Cryptos

Cryptos seem inextricably connected in society’s eye to making (or losing) money fast

Finally, I am a School Designer who unschools my own kids

As mentioned back at the start of this tale, it is a conflict that is a bit of a head scratcher.

A wonderful day of interactivity for parents learning at Real School
a day at the beach just makes for an amazing learning experience… here we started to differentiate seagrass (a flowering plant) and seaweed (and algae)



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Noan Fesnoux

Noan Fesnoux


Noan is an overall green fellow, with lots of expertise in how to best live sustainably, teach sustainability to our future generations, and love nature